• Since 2013, all the insulats of winter collection "Stetskevitch-spetsodezhda" improved by use of the spanbond, which gives to the products additional windproof and prevents the migration of insulat fibers.

  • Premium class medical and service wear «Santorini» is able to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers.

    A wide palette of colors, high-strength fabric, which is made in England and Japan, with an increased content of cotton, a fundamentally new type of antibacterial finishing, softness and practicality are the main advantages of the «Santorini» collection.

  • Welcome to SLLC “Stetskevitch-spetsodezhda” website!

    For over 20 years Stetskevitch Company is a leading manufacturer of work clothes and work shoes in Belarus. As the incontestable leader, we feel a great responsibility for our customers and we try to meet their expectations by continuously improving our product range.

  • The premium class NAVY collection is a combination of work and everyday clothes, which is a relevant global trend in working clothes today.
    Style of the collection resonates with the theme of yachting - comfortable trousers and shorts, polo shirts, jackets and vests are made in the colors of marine theme using the YKK accessories.